Killed because he had a bottle of Pepsi in a stadium at the World Cup


It seems, however, that one man, a 23-year old university student from Chile, was killed because he had a Pepsi bottle inside the stadium at the Arena Pantanal at the beginning of the game opposing Chile and Australia. It was a controversial incident. According to the authorities, the young man resisted the police when they tried to arrest him. Some witnesses on the scene declared on the other part that the man only pushed back an officer after this particular individual smashed his face with the back of his rifle multiple times. Emiliano Sanchez Vittorio was hit five times by gun shots, including three times in the head. He died on the place. Politic international reactions condemned the gratuitous violence at such an important international event. The American vice president Joe Biden qualified the incident “worthy of a dictatorship” and the French president described it as “unworthy of a civilised state”. A reaction from the part of FIFA is still expected.


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