Alexander Imich died at 111 years old


Before, the couple was interned in a labor camp for the duration of the war due to their refusal to accept Soviet citizenship, but they became free. His wife died in 1986. Imich was a well-respected chemist and parapsychologist. He was the president of the Anomalous Phenomena Research Center in New York City. For many years, he was giving out the Imich prize for parapsychology research . At the age of 92 he published a book on the paranormal,”Incredible Tales of the Paranormal”. His goal was to demonstrate the reality of paranormal phenomena to scientists and to the general public As the oldest man of the world, Alexander Imich answered many times to questions about his life style. He didn’t drink alcohol and practiced calorie restriction. He believed also that he had “good genes”. Actually, Sakari Momoi , from , holds the title for the oldest man in the world. He was  born one day after Imich. The woldest woman, Misao Okawa of , is 116 old.


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