Protests against the FIFA World Cup in Brazil


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has visited Sao Paulo’s €300 million World Cup Stadium where three workers died on the job during its construction. Some of the planned transport infrastructure won’t be completed on time. President Dilma Roussef highlighted the potential economic benefits that hosting the tournament may bring. A protest by hundreds of homeless families demanding housing in the city has been taking place near the arena during the President’s visit. Just days before the opening, other various World Cup protests took place. Marching through Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday night hundreds of teachers demanded a salary increase and greater investment in the education and health system. “A lot of money is spent on the big events, while we don’t have a good healthcare system and we have a terrible quality of education, where schools are not the priority and where teachers’ salaries are very low“, said one of them to the media. In brief, due to economical constraints, now it is an emotionally complicated atmosphere in Brazil before the World Cup.


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