Search for the missing MH370 jet will continue with private contractors


A large area of the ocean floor was scoured without results. Missing Malaysia MH370 plane is not in the Indian Ocean „ping area“, decided the Australian authorities. Some private contractors will deploy new equipment across an expanded search zone covering 60,000 square kilometers. The estimated duration of the new search is about one year and will begin no sooner than August. The pings received in April are now subject of controversial interpretations. The searchers still don’t know the source and it’s supposed again that it wasn’t the flight MH370’s black boxes. But the two stronger pings detected on April 5 remained however a cause for hope among searchers. The Bluefin-21 submersible drone had captured accurate scans around all four ping transmissions but nothing was found or clarified. Even nobody knows were the missing jet is, on Tuesday, the Malaysian government made public 47 pages of raw satellite data used to conclude that the jet crashed into the southern Indian Ocean.


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