Pope Francis made again an uncommon pleading for religion’s tolerance


Everyone has the right to be baptised, including aliens from outer space, he explained again, thinking at “green men, with a long nose and big ears, like children draw.“ The Pope deliberately thickened this idea to make it easily understood. In fact, is acting as the same important man who has the responsibility to make reforms in the Catholic Church, as he engaged at his election moment.

To be more permissive, as a church, is one of the major ideas which the actual Pope developed. Even though he referred to „Martians“, the enunciated principle must be applied in common situations such as the case of the children whose parents may be breaking Church rules, like living together as an unmarried couple. To not close the door becomes a recommended attitude and this can make the difference preparing for the actual Pope the recognition of the qualities of a great man in front of a huge community.


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