Russian – American space industry collaboration is affected by the Ukrainian crisis


Even – as some analysts concluded – there is a little possibility  to suspend its shuttle service to the because the U.S. pays $60 millions for every astronaut transported, the relation between the two countries regarding the space activity is in trouble. More, and regarding third parties, five upcoming commercial satellite launches , contracted by foreign clients at a Russian space center, could be at risk. “This is a very sensitive issue since our defense industry was completely unprepared for such developments,” said Sergei Oznobishchev, the director at the Institute for Strategic Assessments in Moscow. The Europe’s space effort will be also affected. Russia is preparing an import-substitution plan for the defense industry, Rogozin said. He ordered that the Rostov region be included on the list of regions, on which a positive decision with regard to supporting technological initiatives that will be made.


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