Possible new location for the MH370 jet wreckage, a GeoResonance company says


However, scanning for specific metals or minerals and looking for aluminum, titanium, copper, steel alloys, jet fuel residue and several other substances linked to a jet, the credibility of a such discovery is significative. The discovery was made between the 5th and 10th of March 2014, at a short time after the disappearance of the Malaysian MH370 jet, but their result was initially ignored by the International Investigation Team on this case. GeoResonance said it first alerted officials on March 31. After the Australian scientists presented facts to the media, their hypothesis is actually analyzed. Experts and governments are still “very skeptical” after more than 50 days of work . The aerial search ended this week, when more than 600 military personnel from at least seven countries made on Tuesday a commemorative photo with the search planes used in the operation. A more intense underwater search that will use private contractors will begin for months to come.


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