French mother denied access to the United States because of how her name sounded


 Swiss Airlines officials told her only that her access to the United States has been denied and gave no further reasons. The woman was forced to cancel her trip and return home in the French Alps. Puzzled about what just happened to her he started browsing the internet for similar cases to hers. Only then did she realize that her name and surname were listed in reverse order (as it is the case for all U.S. documents). Her name read: “Alic Aida”. This might sound like “Al Qaeda” when read out loud.

The woman, who is of Yugoslav origin, reached this conclusion on her own. She continued to ask about the trip and what happened but she did not receive any answer. Religious profiling is not something unheard off. In 2012 alone over 21000 people were on a name list behind accused of discrimination, racial or religious profiling.


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