Baby Prince George visits Australian zoo


The visit to the Zoo was the perfect occasion for the royal family to see the rabbit-eared native marsupials. Zoo officials named one of them in George’s honour.

Prince George, third in line to the throne after grandfather Princes Charles and father William, was seen dressed in black shoes, blue shorts and in a white and blue stripped shirt. The baby was very happy to see the habitat from Kate’s arms. He was so happy and excited that he wriggled out of her arms in order to get a closer look.

Photographers caught Prince William with baby Prince George in his arms. He kissed his son on the head and bounced him. He even gave him a toy bilby which Prince George quickly tossed to the ground. This set the whole crowd laughing. The Duchess and Duke of Cambridge unveiled a memorial plaque in the honour of Prince George as he held a silver bilby statuette fast to his ear.

Because of the huge crowds which gathered to await the royals’ arrival, the zoo finally had to close at 1.30pm.


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