Signals possibly generated by the missing jet’s black boxes were detected


American military aircraft are being sent into the area to investigate. The British navy ship HMS Echo, with advanced sound-locating equipment, and the Australian navy’s Ocean Shield carrying American equipment, will also head there.
This is a new hope to elucidate the MH370 flight mystery. However, researchers are prudent because they know that errors may occur. “We are dealing with very deep water. We are dealing with an environment where sometimes you can get fake indications. There are lots of noises in the ocean and sometimes the acoustic equipment can rebound, echo if you like”, said Air Chief Marshal Houston. The area where the signals were perceived is at about 2000 kilometers north-west of Pert. The battery of the black boxes are on the verge of dying out.
“This is the most difficult search in human history.(…) We are hopeful but by no means certain”, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said to the media.


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