NASA suspended almost all collaboration with Russia


”This suspension includes NASA travel to Russia and visits by Russian Government representatives to NASA facilities, bilateral meetings, email, and teleconferences or video-conferences.” wrote Mr. O’Brien.
This announcement occurred after a week after an American was sent into space being part of a Russian – American crew on the Space Station for the next six months and after another, very different and optimistic NASA declaration. However, NASA’s move comes as no surprise because the American Space Agency must follow the government guidance in a very tense moment between the two countries due to the Ukraine crisis and Crimea’s annexation.
“If the United States wants to avoid looking extremely hypocritical, this was going to be coming,”
appreciated Dr. Johnson-Freese, a professor at the US Naval War College in Newport and a specialist on space-security and space-policy issues Everyone is now waiting to see  how Russian President Vladimir Putin responds. NASA is now looking to begin launching astronauts again in space starting with 2017.


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