Search for the missing MH370 plane will be continued


Search crews have repeatedly spotted multiple objects floating in remote patches of the southern Indian Ocean but no one solved the mystery of the disappeared flight. Three weeks of search extended the hope of the relatives and the acquaintances of the missing people to find at least what really happened. The search area moved gradually from the seas off Vietnam to waters west of Malaysia and Indonesia, and then to several areas west of Australia. The best technology of the world is used and on Monday, the Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said he was not putting a time limit on the search. “(…)The intensity of our search and the magnitude of operations is increasing, not decreasing (…), he said.” An Australian warship, which is carrying a U.S. device that detects “pings” from the flight recorders, was expected to leave Perth on Monday evening for the search zone. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority is coordinating the search from Perth. The conditions are very difficult. It takes planes about 2 1/2 hours to get to the area. The time available for search is about five-hour before they must return to Perth.


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