Facebook has intention to help connect the “silent” part of the world to Internet


Previously, announced a similar in intention project using solar-powered balloon on the code-named Project Loon. They also launched 30 super-pressure of such balloons in June, the last year.
Facebook’s intention is to use small solar powered drones, satellites and even infrared lasers. Both – Facebook and – are preoccupied to extend their audience and the potential new users number to attract is estimated to 1.2 billion people. This will be a good opportunity for economic purposes but we need to observe with satisfaction at the same time the fact that the Internet connection as a communication way is perceived now as a human right.
The announced projects need the collaboration with the local government of each country and this could be sometimes a more difficult task. However, thinking of the future, the global connection to the Internet could be a real if not the only way to put all countries on a common platform, to have the infrastructure for global communication and to have the possibility to adopt global decisions in real time when and if this will be needed for major purposes. 140 million new jobs will be created.


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