Navy SEALs reportedly took turns shooting Osama bin Laden’s dead body


Immediately after Osama bin Laden was killed by a Navy SEAL team President Obama and his administration declared that any photos of the sea burial or of the al Qaeda leader’s corpse will not be released in fear that these could be used by different terror cells as a way to make propaganda.

According to the Special Operations Forces Situation Report(SOFREP) soon after Bin Laden’s assassination NAVY SEALs took turns dumping more than a hundred of bullets in the dead body. SOFREP (link here) cites two confidential sources. Sure the special forces might have thought it’s normal procedure to shoot the body few more times to ensure the terrorist was dead and thus no longer a threat but this excessive show of force was uncalled for.

Former member of SEAL Team Six, Mark Bissonnette, who was one of the specials ops participating at the raid described that the team used far fewer bullets to kill Osama bin Laden. The number of bullets used is an issue because it can show a changing attitude within the Navy SEALs. According to psychologists this sort of action can lead to even worse behaviour over time if unchecked.


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