The first anniversary of Pope Francis as a pontiff


Those who observed him during the first year of his pontifical service know that is the same attitude he had at the moment of his election. “What I need most is that people of God support me”, he said a year ago.
Even if Pope Francis was not publicly present Thursday, many people were thinking about his personality, including words and facts. The woman who knows him because he sit in her house, in Argentina, years ago, said to the media: “His simplicity really stuck with me.” In fact, he self imposed as unique. And he changed things in the Catholic Church transforming it into a church of charity and mercy. He repeatedly decried the endless consumerism, the economy ignoring the poor people and the actual unfortunate trend to throw away culture. The Pope Francis’ mandate was to reform the church and his actions can change the world.
Now, according to the Speaker John Boehner of the United States House of Representatives, he transmitted to Pope Francis an open and formal invitation to address a joint meeting of Congress because The Pope inspired millions with his pastoral manner.


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