Give a name to a Mars crater !


The map of Mars project (called “Uwingu”) is estimated to produce at least $10 million. The collected money will be used to fund grants in space exploration, research and education.
If the project will be finished by the end of 2014, names for other Mars geographic forms, such canyons and mountains, may be solicited in the near future.
At this time is not possible to estimate what sort of names will be prevalent upon people’s choice. As terms of procedure, the names given will be immediately accepted and will remain approved if not profane or offensive terms related. People have at the same time the possibility to vote to help determine which planet names the public like best.
You too can give a name to a Mars crater, accessing the special website at
Only 15,000 Red Planet features have names given by the scientists.
As it is self defined, “Uwingu’s mission is to create new ways for people to personally connect with space exploration and astronomy.”



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