Local Venezuela beauty queen killed during protests against Maduro


“We cannot underestimate those fascist groups whose boss is behind bars.(…) I’m not playing with democracy. I do not accept that they challenge the Venezuelan people and our Constitution” said the President Maduro into a televised speech.
The leader of the opposition, the economist Leopoldo Lopez, 42 years old, turned himself in to troops on Tuesday after three full weeks of protests against President Nicolas Maduro’s government. Even from the prison, Lopez has urged the protesters to keep fighting for the departure of Maduro’s socialist administration. On different regions of the country, security forces and the protesters fought in the streets. Maduro’s resignation is asked over issues related to inflation, violent crime to corruption and shortages of goods.
“Venezuela’s government should release detained protesters and engage in a real dialogue” said US President Barrack Obama when referring to the actual situation in this country.


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