Leading US Internet companies issued reports about the government’s surveillance


.The recent settlement allowing to reveal such type of data requires the companies to describe the requests in broad categories reporting them in ranges of 1,000. The reports don’t reflect the whole dimension of the government surveillance.
“Nothing in today’s report minimizes the significance of efforts by governments to obtain customer data outside legal process” wrote in a blog post Monday Microsoft General Counsel Brad Smith. In the same direction, legal director Richard Salgado affirmed that the company will ask Congress to make new rules permitting to companies to issue reports in more detail.
The “after Snowden” era seems to open a door to the secret area and to give more transparency. As resulted on Monday, even LinkedIn received security requests off all kinds. The American Civil Liberties Union and the Electronic Frontier Foundation representatives agreed that the reports are somewhat useful but observed that they don’t cover the government’s other surveillance efforts providing only “a small, slightly blurry snapshot of a much bigger picture.”


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