The victims of the Nazi death camps were commemorated


Shattering moments from the history were evoked. January 27, 1945, when the Red Army entered the camp, only a small proportion of those who had been there were still alive. The speakers emphasized that the guilty for the Nazi crimes should be punished for eternity by a common human front.
Israeli coalition leader Yarov Levin expressed the hope that people in Israel should rely on themselves and aim to build a safe world. He said: “Walking here, on this soil soaked with blood of our brothers and sisters, we must assure our children and future generations that a different world full of hope and free of fear can be built.”
A commemorative ceremony was organized at the European parliament in Brussels. The European Jewish Congress President, Moshe Kantor, defined the anti-Semitism as a crime. Kantor observed that easily treating wrongdoing every day made possible to assist now to “the absolute democratization of anti-Semitism.” And this is a wrong and dangerous attitude, he said.


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