Ariel Sharon died Saturday at Tel Aviv


Sharon was born under the name Ariel Scheinerman in the village at Kfar Malal in Mandatory Palestina, in 1928. His parents immigrated to Israel from Georgia six years before Sharon’s birth. At only 14 years old, Ariel joined the pre-independence underground army of Jews in Mandatory Palestina, Haganah. Later, in 1948, Sharon became a guard in the Jewish community police force.
After the Declaration of Independence, in 1948, Sharon was wounded in his stomach during the Battle of Latrun. He became company commander and in the next step appointed commander of the Golan Brigade’s reconnaissance unit in North. Later, he was appointed intelligence officer of Israel Defense Forces Central Command and next, GOC Southern Command. In 1953, he founded the “101” commando unit, for assault operations in enemy countries. After many military initiatives and actions, in 1975 he decided to enter politics. After a long period when he had many political responsibilities, in February 2001 he obtained 62 percent in the election and became Prime Minister. He had many initiatives, even controversial, linked to his Kadima party.
In his life, Ariel Sharon was considered the greatest field commander in Istrael’s history and one of the country’s greatest ever military strategists. He was expected to find a solution for the big problems in dispute in the region.
A $250 million park that will be three times bigger than Central Park in New York and is currently in construction at Tel Aviv was named after him.


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