The former India’s Deputy Consul General was expelled from the US


The only immediate reaction was from the foreign ministry in New Delhi, saying in a statement: “At the time of her departure for India, Counselor Khobragade reiterated her innocence on charges filed against her.” In the last weeks, diplomatic relations between India and the US were very sensitive. India has curtailed privileges offered to the US diplomats in New Delhi. A remaining motivation for India’s dissatisfaction still is the fact that the nanny Sangeeta Richard had been granted temporary permission to remain in the US, being considered a victim of human trafficking. She can even apply to work in the US and can lead to lawful permanent residence.
The bilateral relationships between India and the US were affected including in the business affairs. “We have to do some thinking on this side as to what has there been in the way of frustration that allowed this incident to provoke and spill over as it has”, said Ron Somers, president of the US India Business Council speaking at a seminar on Thursday.


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