Security measures applied before Winter Olympics in Sochi


A space based monitoring system is in place at the same time. Vehicles not registered locally and without special accreditations will be banned from the city. “Maybe it’s too much in some places but I don’t think they can hold the games without it” said a resident to journalists. Around 75,000 security personnel will ensure that the games will go smoothly. The danger envisaged is the Islamic militants based in the Caucasus which manifested publicly their intention to disrupt the games.
Russian President itself visited Sochi a few days ago to test the ski slopes. He was accompanied by the Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev.
A security alert occurred now in Russia after five dead were found in Stavropol, in the south of the country. The bodies of the victims were found in four separate cars and an improved explosive device was placed near one of the vehicles. This event produced at about 300 kilometers east of Sochi. Security forces have been deployed in the region.


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