Some scraps from the New Year Eve celebration in the world


Food artists Harry Parr and Sam Bompas worked for an entire year preparing the show for London and they offered really something new because during the fireworks people tasted with their tongue banana-flavored confetti kosher, vegan and hypoallergenic. A citrus scent was already spread in the air.
In New York City, it was the first time in a decade when the mayor did not participate to the countdown at the crossroads in the world. Instead, the US supreme court justice Sonia Sotomayor pushed the ceremonial button to signal the descent of the Times Square New Year’s Eve ball. Hundreds of thousands of revelers were in the place. A big show left in the area an estimated 50 tons of confetti and other remainders of the party.
Sometimes, unexpected things occur in the New Year Eve time. More than 100 people had to be rescued from the water in Sidney because many boats collided.



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