The “most admired people” of this year are President Obama and Hillary Clinton, Gallup said


With 4 percent each, qualified for the second place on top, are former President George W. Bush and Pope Francis. Oprah Winfrey, with 6 percent, is in the same position on the women’s list. Michelle Obama got 5 percent. The former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin got 5 percent and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice obtained 2 percent. With only one percent, on the last four positions on the women’s list, are German Chancellor Angela Merkel, actress Angelina Jolie, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Queen Elizabeth II (who had already, during the years, 46 apparitions on this list).
In the year of his death, Nelson Mandela obtained 7 percent of the votes and even though he was not included on this list he has a special place in the world’s values Pantheon.
Gallup, Inc. is a research-based global performance-management consulting company, founded by George Gallup in 1935 and famous for its public opinion polls.


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