Guinness World Record of Christmas lights in Australia


The Richards have three children: Aida, 13, Caitlin, 10 and Madelyn, 6. “I have always loved Christmas”, confessed their father, David Richards. They are happy to prepare for Christmas sharing with other people, with the entire community, the joy of shinning moments. Their initiative was sustained by a local power company, donating them $2,300 in electricity to assure the illumination for the next month. The Richards home will be open to the public in the weekends for a small fee, to raise funds for charity.
Some other various Christmas decorations records were previously included in the Guinness Book. The Christmas lights decoration at the Sun Plazza shopping center in Bucharest  was the largest Christmas lights decorating indoor in 2010, with 449,659 light bulbs. The Guinness World record for the most lights lit simultaneously on a Christmas tree was recorded (with 150,000 lights) for the RTL Chari Tree in 2006.


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