American help in the Philippines after the disaster


The local authorities work hardly burying the dead. A big part of the city government workers were killed, injured or have lost families so from 2,500 people only 70 are now at work. 1,7 million families were affected by the typhoon.
Fortunately, the total number of victims seems to be much lower as the 10,000 estimated by the local authorities but the preliminary number of missing according to the Red Cross remained at 22,000. More than 544,000 people have been displaced, a total of 12 percent of the population being affected, according to the United Nations.
There still are areas where the help did not yet arrive. “People are living out in the open. The needs are immense and there are a lot of the surrounding villages that are not yet covered by any aid organizations” said in a statement the MSF’s assessment leader, Alexis Moens.
The cost of the destruction in the Philippines was estimated up to $19 billion.


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