Edward Snowden was contacted by the German officials


Even if don’t accepted to give asylum to Snowden when it was requested, the officials agree to find a way for Edward Snowden to speak them about the NSA’s activities including the surveillance of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone.
Snowden was contacted on Moscow by a lawmaker, Hans-Christian Stroebele. He answered for the instant addressing a letter to German officials and conditioning his action to reveal more information by the request that United States stops its prosecution.
"Though the outcome of my efforts has been demonstrably positive, my government continues to treat dissent as defection, and seeks to criminalize political speech with felony charges that provide no defense. … I am confident that with the support of the international community, the government of the United States will abandon this harmful behavior," Snowden wrote in the letter.
Nothing let to know if Snowden will talk or not but this could be a time when he will be the only real winner.


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