Snowden’s “storm”continues to make waves


What is suggested now is the fact that the former conrtactor of the National US Security Agency Edward Snowden was giving a “gift” to terrorists. “It causes enormous damage to make public the reach and limits of GCHQ techniques. Such information hands the advantage to terrorists” said Parker on Monday in London.
In fact and without any doubts, US and British surveillance systems were disclosed by Snowden to the Guardian newspaper earlier, in May.
The Attorney General Eric Holder appreciated at the same time that “the national security of the United States has been damaged as a result those leaks.”
Alan Rusbridger, the editor-in-chief of the Guardian, revealed that the files leaked by Snowden, highlighted formidable technologies "beyond what Orwell could have imagined". He said that this was really surprising and “what we have been revealing is the extent to which entire populations are now being potentially put under surveillance”.



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