Ancient Dalmanutha town, referred in the Gospel of Mark , was possibly discovered

Actual suppositions based on the inventory of a recent archeological discovery suggests other physical correspondence with known Biblical references. Ken Dark from the University of Reading in the UK published a study in the Live Science, regarding the possible interpretation of an archeological discovery. He and his team discovered an ancient town dating back more than 2,000 years, in Israel’s Ginosar valley. As the researchers take into consideration from the Biblical source, this can be the town Dalmanutha.

The Gospel of Mark remembers this city as the place to which Jesus went after feeding 4,000 people multiplying fish and bread. In the same area, a boat dating from the same time was discovered years ago. At about 500 feet is the ancient town Magdala.
Scientifically proved, this human settlement lasted for several centuries. Hundreds of pottery pieces from different times were found in the area. Some of them are the proof of the existence of a Jewish community. Roman column fragments and a pagan altar used in religious ritual by the representatives of a polytheistic faith were found in the extended area.
The principal question to be answered remains: it is really a Biblical Era Town discovered along the Sea of Galilee ? Without all the pieces of the puzzle, for some time before other proofs will may be revealed, what they know must be completed with the faith. Both, can give an answer accepted by a part of us.