The Syrian problem is on the table for the international community


The latest news is that UN weapons inspectors came under sniper fire when they were at the place of one of the supposed chemical attack in a western suburb of Damascus. The sniper fire hit a vehicle used by the UN investigation team.
As many as 37 states including US and are now in favor of a military action against President Basher –al Assad. The President Obama previously said about the US position: “a red line for us is when we start seeing a whole bunch of chemical weapons moving around or being utilized.” As it is known, the Pentagon has sent four warships in the region.
However, Russia warned about the danger of a possible military intervention without a mandate from the United Nations even if this can be justified as an action in humanitarian aid for the population.
What seems to be questionable is if destroying the Syrian military infrastructure would end the civil war in the country. The decision is not easy to be made but a consistent evidence about the Syrian government action will urge to have a warning replica from the international community.


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