A young man was fatally snatched by a crocodile during a birthday party in Australia


The victim disappeared and was searched without results until and including the next day. His body was finally found not far from where he was last seen. The police had to kill the big crocodile and another three for the safety of the search team. They will also do an autopsy to those animals to eventually recuperate parts of the victim’s body for his family.

An employee from the resort, Erin Bayard, said to journalists: “We say to everybody it’s full of crocs. It’s one of the most populated rivers in the Territory, every couple of kilometers there is a large croc.”
What it was strange on this tragic event is the fact that, according to his friend declarations during the investigation, it was totally out of the character of the young Cole to go swimming in a river with crocodiles.
The crocodile expert Dr.Grahame Webb expressed once again, at this time, the hope that people can be educated to avoid swimming in places like this one because there is an almost 100 per cent chance of being eaten by a saltwater crocodile.



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