British teenagers victims of a possible Muslim attack with acid


The attack took place late into the night in the west side of the island, in Stone Town. According to witnesses behind this attack are two men. Analysts say the Islamic separatist group that wants Zanzibar to be independent of Tanzania may be behind the attack. But no one has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on Wednesday night.

The two girls were at the end of three weeks of volunteering in Tanzania with NGO Art. Police said Kirstie and Kate were just lucky to have escaped with severe burns from the attack. They were taken by plane to a hospital in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The two girls did volunteering work at a local school with the help of Travel agency Oli-to-i.

Zanzibar, part of the republic of Tanzania and a paradise island located about 22 miles off the coast of East Africa, is visited by thousands of British tourists per year.

It is known that there are concerns that religious tensions have increased in Zanzibar in the recent months.But police refused to link the attack to increased religious tensions between Christian population and the majority of Muslims, describing it as an “isolated incident.”


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