The Al-Qaeda plan to cause a catastrophe in Yemen was revealed


Terrorists had intention to seize two major oil and gas export terminals and a provincial capital in the east of the country. It seems that the Al-Qaeda plan was to kill at the same time the foreign experts working at the facilities, or at least to take them as hostages.

The strong cooperation between the US and Yemen against the Al-Qaeda organization made it possible to avoid a catastrophe for now. The big Balhaf gas plant is one of the most strategic projects in Yemen and Al-Dabbah and is the main oil export facility in eastern Yemen.

Security forces in Yemen were on high alert. Yemen’s Supreme Security Committee published a list of 25 seniors of Al-Qaeda militants and offered a bounty of 5 million Yemeni riyals for information leading to their capture.

It’s expected that the situation in Yemen will normalize soon.


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