Barack Obama cancelled the planned meeting with Vladimir Putin in September


This decision was predictable and Obama clearly expressed the idea that he was “disappointed” by Russia’s previous move to grant Snowden asylum for one year.

Political commentators observed that at the moment the US and Russia have a troubled relationship. They already anticipated that no progress would be made during the G20 Moscow Summit.

Both parties have taken steps back and now a real high level dialogue does not seem possible nor appropriate. Here are some facts: Moscow has accused the US of installing a missile shield in Eastern Europe against Russia; US recently sanctioned 18 Russian people for human rights violation; US accused Putin on helping President Bashar Assad in Syria, and more.

However, on Friday, this week,  in Washington, a meeting of the Secretary’s of the States will take place between US and Russia.

White House deputy and national security adviser Ben Rhodes said “we’ll still work with Russia on issues where we can find common ground.” Russia is an important US partner on clean energy issues. It seems that Snowden’s status is expected to be a subject.

President Obama will go visit Sweden in September.



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