Two brothers, 5 and 7 years old, were killed by a Python snake in Canada


A criminal investigation has been launched. The snake was captured and is now in the possession of police.

According to the province’s Exotic Wildfire Regulation, the African rock pythons are not permitted, revealed Steven Bensteau, a spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources.”It’s illegal for anyone to keep any exotic species that is not listed in the regulation”, he said.

The business operated by. Mr. Jean-Claude Savoie on “Reptile Ocean” is registered as an institutional business:

“Mr.Savoie has a collection of reptiles which he would like to display for educational purposes. (…) He will charge admission and in return educate people about the species which he has on display.”

Such attacks are very rare. The last reported attack was on a human by an African rock python was in 2002. At that time, a 10 year old boy was killed in Durban, South Africa. It is believed that this is related to the dinner the two killed boys had before being attacked: they smelled like the chicken which they consumed.

The legitimate question of the people in Campbellton is to know what happened. “It’s a real tragedy, it’s unbelievable, they say.

According Lisa Janes, co-owner of Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo, snakes don’t usually see humans as food.

There are many thousands of pythons as pets in homes across Canada.


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