The Bloodhound Gang American band was rejected from Kubana Festival in Russia



The American band Bloodhound Gang, with humorous and satirical lyrics (including some suggesting sexual subjects) had more such controversial situations during their evolution in the past. As an example, it’s known that Geffen Records refused to release the song “Yellow Fever” due to the lyrical content about Asian women.

After the “Odessa story”, the band’s set at the Kubana Festival was cancelled. They were already forced to interrupt their tour and to return home.

Jared Hasselhoff, the bass player, apologized publicly about his offending action to the state symbol of Russia but Russia’s reaction was and still is strong about this. It is even possible that criminal charges are to be pursued against him and the band.

Bloodhound Gang became controversial in Russia. Many incidents were reported before their flight home, including the fact that a group of traditional Russian frontiersmen attempted to suffocate a band member with an American flag in an airport lounge.


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