A partially paralyzed passenger filed a discrimination lawsuit against Delta Airlines



He claimed that he was obliged to endure “intense physical and extreme emotional suffering” on two flights with the company, from to Nantucket, Massachusetts, and back two days after.
He called Delta airlines with enough time before the first flight asking to be provided with an aisle seat and a lift to help him into his wheelchair. Even though the answer to his call was positive, when he presented at the airport on the flight day the staff explained that no equipment was available to be used. He was forced to crawl down the aisle of the airplane and more, across the tarmac to his wheelchair without any assistance.

Even though he reported the incident to the airline asking again help for the next flight nothing much changed for him after two days. The airport staff only put a piece of cardboard down to protege his clothes.
The legal base for suing Delta Airlines is the Air Carrier Access Act. This law document requires airlines to “provide boarding assistance to individuals with disabilities by using ramps, mechanical lifts as other suitable devices.”

This was the second such complaint against Delta Airlines.The first was in 2008 from a woman with muscular dystrophy.


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