Snowden received limited time asylum in Russia



There was a condition imposed in order to receive asylum and Snowden accepted not to publish more information because this could harm the United States.

Snowden, assisted by a Russian lawyer, has left Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport and is living now in a private home of American Expatriates.
Even though his promise is to stop revealing U.S. secrets, a part of the material was previously handed  to WikiLeaks and to journalists in Hong Kong, so something unpredictable can occur.

Snowden needs to work because he is not that rich. He will most likely find a job because he is known as a good expert. The former U.S. National Security Agency contractor received the first job offer in a short time after his asylum request was approved. This was from one of the top social networking websites from Russia.
U.S. officials did not yet have any reactions to Moscow’s movement.


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