Answers from Pope Francis during a flight


An important part of this discussion was the given answer addressing the issue of women priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Being the first time to refer to this longtime controversial question, Pope Francis said in clear words:

“The Church has spoken and says ‘no’…that door is closed.”

The invoked motivation for this position, accepted now by Francis as it is, explains that Jesus, on his time, was chosen only men as his apostles.

The second important subject was about gay people. Pope Francis said that  they should not be marginalized but integrated into society. Because this was a sensitive aspect even for some recent Vatican scandals, Francis said precisely: “If a person is gay and seeks God and has good will, who I am to judge him ?”
However, Pope Francis condemned lobbies as a voluntary activity, for so many subjects including the sexual orientation, politics, membership in fraternities and more.


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