Discussions between US and China on major environmental problems



A few days ago, American and Chinese officials made an important step in this direction announcing some joint initiatives regarding cutting emissions from heavy-duty vehicles and optimization of the energy efficiency in several domains, like buildings, transport and industry.
A common preoccupation to work together with the “carbon capture” technology to be applied on the power plants should be the next important step to partially solve the problem of the big actual carbon dioxide emissions.

An earlier signal about a new U.S. and China common approach to the environmental problems was given earlier, about a month ago, as a deal to phase out the hydrofluorocarbons from the refrigerators and air conditioners, knowing this is a potent greenhouse gas.

In fact, in 2007, in a national strategic document, China opted for an ecological civilization as the only way to continue the country’s development (and it’s the world’s most populous country and the world’s largest manufacturer too).



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