The remains of a plane crashed 60 years ago in Alaska were discovered now into the glacier


After 60 years, in 2012, a member of a training flight of the Alaska Army National Guard’s Black Hawk Unit traversing the area over the glacier observed something that looked like the remains of an airplane. On a more detailed preview, it was an evidence that yellow life rafts and oxygen bottles were on the glacier’s surface. Returning later on the scene, they found human remains too and this was the beginning of the discovery. But it was not enough.
This year, the Alaskan glacier revealed new objects and human remains because other layers of the glacier melted away.
A conclusion of the investigation was formulated on July 9, this year, confirming that the place was the scene where 60 years ago the C-124 crashed.

People having relatives in the past tragedy in Alaska live joy retrieval. One of them, the granddaughter of William Turner who was the navigator on the Air Force plane declared a few days ago: “He should be home, and not on some glacier in the middle of nowhere.”



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