Due to Popocatepetl’s intense activity several flights from U.S. to Mexico City were canceled


The volcano spits out a cloud of ash and vapor over several days of eruptions.
The residents in San Pedro Nexapa, at about nine miles, have opted to use surgical masks because the talcum-like ash dissipated in the air from eruptions. At the same time the water was polluted with the ash.
Mexico City officials asked people to prevent ash to mix with water because this can block drains.

Popocatepetl is one of the most active volcanoes in Mexico with more than 15 major eruptions in the last 500 years.
In the last two decades, the volcano has been often active. On December 21, 1994, gas and ash was carried as far as 25 km. In December 2000, tens of thousands of people were evacuated due to an alert issued by several scientists. On December 2005 the volcano ejected a large column of smoke and ash. On January 25, 2012 and on April 19 new eruptions occurred. Early in May, this year, Popocatepetl erupted with a high amplitude affecting more villages with smoke and ash.

According to paleo magnetic studies, this volcano is 730,000 years old.



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