Edward Snowden will probably go to Venezuela


Snowden’s freedom problem seems to be however still uncertain because out the promise of the President of Venezuela he was not in direct contact with the government of this country supposed to give him not only asylum but the valid travel documents too.

Many complications are expected in connection with the departure of Snowden in Venezuela because there are not direct flights from the Moscow. Snowden’s any attempt to fly in that direction entails to go over Europe and the U.S. and this can produce unexpected reactions.

Other possible final destinations favorable for Snowden could be Nicaragua or Bolivia. Those countries affirmed their sympathy for the former intelligence worker.

At this point of his existence, Snowden is considered a traitor or a hero by different categories of people.
The U.S. is preparing “serious trade and policy implications await countries that accept Snowden”, said Sunday the American senator Robert Menendez, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.


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