“269Life” movement is acting for the animal rights



This animal liberation movement has already a website where they wrote: “We aim to bring the pain and horror other animals face each and every day out of the suppressed darkness and into the realm of everyday life.”

One leader of the militants is the 27 year old Sasha Boojor from Tel Aviv. He is convinced that shocking people with their actions the movement’s activists from Holland to Czech Republic, Israel or Italy can make people clearly understand the pain of the animals branding on the farms.

The 260Life ‘s activists use social media too. They have videos on Youtube and pages on Facebook and received a lot of views and “likes”.

Even the such movements occasionally may have problems with the security forces due to some atypical actions, a fact to be noticed is that Israel passed an animal welfare law protecting animals from abuse. A lot of activists have tattoos with the number “269” on their body. This number was found last year on a captive calf on a farm; they have chosen it to be representative.



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