American Report on trafficking persons incriminates Russia and China


As a special concern about the detailed situation in China, the American report refers to the demographic policy of this country. The rule of the one single child allowed to one couple created by effect an imbalance in the number of boys, 18 percent higher than girls. Men from China need women and this way the opportunity for the trafficking of foreign women for forced prostitution exists, the report says. At the same time, Uzbekistan was stigmatized for using forced labor in its cotton harvest.

U.S. takes very seriously the obligation to sustain the actions of ending human trafficking. American officials consider those activities as a violation of freedom and of the human rights.
Because of this, it is expected soon, in this Fall, a reaction of President Obama. Some sanctions against Russia, China and Uzbekistan are expected.

The Trafficking of Persons Report is designed to help preventing trafficking and to bring traffickers to justice. This is a diplomatic tool of the U.S.Government.

The principal criticism against the Report, especially by those concerned in a negative way, suggests that countries positions are based on U.S. diplomatic relations instead of how much trafficking was taking place.



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