A military exercise will take place on California’s southern coast


This military exercise created some tensions in China. This country asked the U.S. and to cancel the drill. But the exercise is scheduled to beging Tuesday.

’s navy is one of the world’s best-equiped and trained. The common operations with U.S. army are becoming usual. As an example, in September, last year, Japanese soldiers practiced bombing maneuvers with U.S. Marines in Guam.
This time, the Japanese participation includes three warships and about 1,000 service member among four combat helicopters. The exercise will bring together forces from and Canada too.

The theme of the military exercise will be an amphibious assault on San Clemente Island and a beach invasion at Marine Base Camp Pendleton.

Military officials of both U.S. and are confident in the success of this military trainng, They say it will help to open new perspectives of cooperation in the military area of interests. The exercise will end on 28 June, after two full weeks. This is a large-scale cooperative training.



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