3 U.S. Troops killed by an Insider Attack in Afghanistan


The killing of the 3 trainers in the eastern province of Paktika is known as the “insider attacks” in which the Afghan forces shoot their own comrades or foreign troops. These incidents of insider attacks have shaken the trust and level of confidence of the two parties with the deadline of withdrawal of international forces approaching.


A statement released by the office of the provincial governor, the spree happened as a result of a heated argument between the Afghan soldiers and trainers. The statement from the governor’s office further revealed that the shots were fired during the argument between the soldier and the trainers. In retaliation, the trainers killed the Afghan solider who had no past known connection with the insurgency.

One other Afghan solider was arrested in connection to the , and an investigation is going on to find out the actual cause of the . So far in 2013, there have been 5 incidents of insider attacks, killing a total of 8 troops and 1 U.S. contractor.


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