At least 42 killed in a bus fire in China



The accident took place during the rush hour in the evening. According to local fire officials, the burnt bodies were piled up inside the bus. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

After the accident, operations of the entire express bus system also known as the Bus Rapid Transit were suspended. One of the survivors said that she smelled gasoline and a survivor as saying she smelled gasoline and then saw a fire spreading rapidly. Images circulating on Chinese social media revealed that black smoke came out from the bus on fire. Injured were bleeding with their skins burnt and clothes torn.

According to local official news sources, sounds of explosions were heard by the witnesses after 10 minutes of breaking out of the fire. In the past decade, public transit system of China had a rapid expansion, but in the process of doing so the country seems to be sacrificing safety aspect of it.


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