Russian President Vladimir Putin Splits up with his wife


Not only that, it will also be the first divorce case of any Russian leader since the divorce of Peter the Great. Peter divorced his first wife Yevdokia back in 1698, and that was for a noble cause of taking vow as a nun.


Putin has termed his parting away with her wife an amicable affair. He pointed out the reason for the two splitting up. Putin said that, due to Putin’s high-profile lifestyle and heavy workload, his wife could not put up with it anymore.

Putin’s wife Lyudmila has confirmed the version of divorce as stated by Putin. She said that the termination of their marriage has to do with Putin’s absence from her and heavy work pressure. Moreover, their kids are grown up too and are leading their own lives making Lyudmila lonely.

The move is highly unorthodox on the part Putin since he is a devout churchgoer. Though in international media such as the “The New York Post” reported rumors of Putin having an affair with rhythmic gymnast Alina Kabaeva.


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