The actor Steven Seagal acted as a political broker between US and Russia


The american actor Steven Seagal, well connected in Russia even to the President helped to make possible this meeting in a short time and appropriate conditions. Seagal escorted already the congressmen at Beslan, where more than 330 hostages died in 2004 after a terrorist attack on a school. His contribution was appreciated by the both parties.Steven Frederic Seagal is a movie actor, american action filmstar, producer, writer, martial artist, guitarist and reserve deputy sheriff. After his debut in “Above the Law” (1988) he starred in other films: Under Siege, On Deadly Ground, Exit Wounds, Half Past Dead and more.

This meeting of American and Russian representatifs was described as “productive” by Rep.Dana Rohbracher, a California Republican. The American congressmen was in touch with the major changes made in Russia. “Most of my friends in Congress don’t even know that the churches are open now” said Rohbracher after attending a service at Moscow’s main cathedral on Sunday morning.


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